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About Photo Shirts and our commitment to you:

 Hello, my name is John Thomas,

Welcome to Photo Shirts / Custom Printed photo t-shirts, located in Des Plaines, IL

You more then likely found Photo Shirts for the first time by using a search engine, a couple of quick facts.
We do not use pay per click, {ppc}. I have worked extremely hard to get my website to rank high in the search engines,
because if I were to use paid inclusion or other pay for ranking ideas, like a lot of sites, then I would obviously have to pass that cost on to you,
my hopefully new customer. I do everything I can think of to hold the cost of custom or pre-designed t-shirts down so you get one of the
best deals on-line for 1st quality printed photot-shirts. These efforts have allowed me to keep the price of my t-shirts at $10.00ea. or less
for QP {quantity purchases} orders since I started Photo Shirts almost 15 years ago, and I see no reason to increase prices for the foreseeable future and beyond.
The only recent cost increase has been S/H as the Post Office has raised their price a few times over the last years,
and I held the line for as long as I could..

Now as to why you are here.

About Photo Shirts: Photo Shirts is a small business that will work hard to please you the customer so that you will come back and hopefully refer us to your friends, associates or anyone interested in having t-shirts imprinted with basically any artwork or text.
Customer Service, quality, affordable, workmanship and speed are our main values.

Our Story:
How we came about: Having been laid off twice {2nd time quite recently} from the same company, being in the printing industry for over 35 years and two other print shops went out of business, I decided it was time for me to start a business of my own after the first lay-off. That is when I started Photo Shirts which has now been in business for over ten years. I started the company as a way to show off photos of families & kids playing sports on t-shirts as a result of my good friend of over 30 years Jerry, who started and operates "Action Photo Studio". After studying the t-shirt imprinting field I came to realize that there are an endless amount of possibilities of what can be printed on a t-shirt. So whatever you would like printed on a t-shirt or tshirts from photos to any artwork or for family re-unions to quick-witted sayings, I hope you will give us at Photo Shirts the opportunity to process any of your t-shirt imprinting needs. Training: I learned the craft of imprinting t-shirts by working for a company that imprints t-shirts for motorcycle enthusiasts for just over 3 years. Not to mention what I learned in the years I spent in the pressroom and bindery. Mission: My philosophy is to give you the customer a great product at a reasonable price. I sell my printed shirts at $10.00 individually and less depending on quantities ordered so that you get a good deal and I can have a source of revenue by doing what I enjoy, creating a product that my customers want and appreciate. Photo Shirts is located in: Des Plaines, IL. 60016 Contact us with any questions: Here Des Plaines is a suburb just northwest side of Chicago, IL. We are committed to being good Web Citizens at Photo Shirts. We will never sponsor annoying popup ads, sell user information to third parties, or fill your inbox with unwanted spam. We don't even use cookies. The only private information we {using Paypal} collect is your name, shipping address {where to deliver t-shirts to} and e-mail address that is ONLY used to inform you about the status of your order and to update you as to any special t-shirt promotions we may be offering.

What Our Customers Say:

Tom Brown said:


This will be essentially the same drill as we ran before, with a different picture on the back and a larger order.
You may have a record of the prior production. It featured a pair of dogs dozing on a dock.

Thomas Brown

Winneka, IL

I placed an order for 25 custom photo shirts for a surprise birthday party and had the shirts in my hands a week later.
My emails were answered promptly, accurately and politely. Excellent service and awesome shirts, what more could you ask for!

Jody Jones

Lebanon, Indiana

I haven't even placed an order yet and the customer service is outstanding.
Can't wait to see what John is going to do for me for my dad's birthday gift.

Andrea Kiczula


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