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The Process:

  When your photos or designs are ready for printing, The image / design is printed on a professional heat transfer medium from a commercial color printer and applied to the t-shirts using a commercial heat press at 385-395 degrees for between 8 - 20 seconds depending on image size. Tee's are made one at a time to insure quality.

  The photo/design is placed onto the t-shirt and pressed with high temperatures and pressure to fuse the ink so it will bond with the fabric. The transfer backing is then peeled off the shirt while it is hot, leaving the image permanently imprinted on the shirt. This gives the print a screen print feel {soft hand} with unlimited color range!

  Heat transfer shirts, are usually visually indistinguishable from screen printed shirt.
You will receive a copy of "How to care for your new photo t shirt." with your new t shirt/s.
We take our commitment to our customers and customer service very seriously and we do everything we can to keep your cost down while still giving you a great t-shirt and excellent customer service.
We work with you to create and print great looking custom printed t-shirts the way you want them. Printed t shirts are an ideal medium for expressing yourself, whether you want to tell the world you love a certain band, promote a certain product, or publicize an important event. Your clothes can say it all. Custom t-shirts can say it all.

  Are you looking for something in particular? Contact me and I'll do my best to find any image for you. We have a large library of images. We are not exactly a retail clothing store, we're a personalization shop.

  We have many happy customers with orders from 1 - 100+ t-shirts, come on in,
take a look around and become one yourself.
How to make a photo t-shirt

What Our Customers Say:

Tom Brown said:


This will be essentially the same drill as we ran before, with a different picture on the back and a larger order.
You may have a record of the prior production. It featured a pair of dogs dozing on a dock.

Thomas Brown

Winneka, IL

I placed an order for 25 custom photo shirts for a surprise birthday party and had the shirts in my hands a week later.
My emails were answered promptly, accurately and politely. Excellent service and awesome shirts, what more could you ask for!

Jody Jones

Lebanon, Indiana

I haven't even placed an order yet and the customer service is outstanding.
Can't wait to see what John is going to do for me for my dad's birthday gift.

Andrea Kiczula


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